The Approach

RK Solutions can access, identify and recommend solutions to challenges hat arise.  Below is a challenge and viable solution that RK Solutions is well able to handle.

The Challenge

A government municipality provides a range of services from drinking water, collects and treatment of wastewater, snow removal, flood clean-up, mass demonstrations, etc. Theses major disruptions critical for all customers, but even more so for hospitals and first responders. 

Being able to communicate promptly with employees and customers, city officials, and media outlets is essential. In order to meet the demanding needs between the city, its customers and employees, the city/government can collaborate with the appropriate up-fixer to develop a custom Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV) with increased technology which included a 3M Touch Monitor in the command module table as well as an exterior monitor. To bring problem solving solutions to the table immediately. These two features also allow government personnel to interact with real time monitoring applications, serve customers quickly and display critical information to large groups of people.

The Solution

 After a thorough assessment of the government municipality’s challenge, RK Solutions can develop the following vehicle solution:

1 Tactical Command Vehicle

Operational Use Modules

· One (1) Tabletop Touchscreen Monitor

· One (1) Exterior Monitor

· Pneumatic Mast with Surveillance System 

· Nomad Total Command 

· Purpose Build Dispatch Workstations 

· 1.2 m AVL Satellite Reach Back Antenna 

· Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability Suite 

· Two (2) 19” Data Racks 

· Data Integration Package Module 

· Advanced Voice and Data Communications 

· Remote Power Management and Systems Control

Fleet Technology

See the attached abbreviated list of technology terms as it relates to fleets.